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  • D K Henderson posted an update:   3 days, 10 hours ago · View

    I have finally got around to uploading the Red Skull of Aldebaran to Smashwords, so it is now available in all e-book formats. Plus, until the end of this month, Lost Legacy is available FREE from Smashwords – only a few days left so if you haven’t got your copy yet, now is the time to download it.

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    Just posted a review of T.J. Wooldridge’s sci-fi novel Silent Starsong on my blog:

  • Java Davis posted an update:   1 week, 4 days ago · View

    The new website will launch soon: If you are a road trip writer or lover, connect with others on the Facebook group Road Trip Writers, or on the Goodreads group Road Trip Writers.

  • Perry Martin posted an update:   1 week, 6 days ago · View

    ”Savannah” FREE Kindle available for 4 more days. Get your copy here: #freeebooks

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  • D K Henderson posted an update:   3 weeks ago · View

    I’ve got my head down and am busy with my next book, which will be a complete departure from The Skull Chronicles. And I’m loving writing something so different. Skullie fans needn’t worry though – Book 4 of the Skull Chronicles is also underway x

  • D K Henderson posted an update:   3 weeks ago · View

    Another fabulous review for Lost Legacy: I read this book not only because I am drawn to stories about crystal skulls but also for literary reasons because I have written a novel about a crystal skull. I am familiar with the Atlantean and Lemurian legends so I can appreciate the impressive research and creativity this author has achieved. I found the book to be wonderfully reminiscent of old-fashioned story-telling. Snuggle up! The protagonist, Gemma, is a sweetheart, an endearing character who carries the modern-day plot on her adventure of self-discovery, self-help, and personal growth. Lost Legacy revolves around two crystal skulls, their secrets, powers, and destiny. The dark pursuers who want to misuse the skulls vs. the enlightened ones who want to protect the skulls. If I were an avid fantasy reader, I would probably love this story; I am more a mystery/ghost story reader and writer. No doubt, crystal skull aficionados and visionary fiction readers will find this a compelling read. And if you are a quartz crystal fan, practice energy healing, or part of the free-flowing spiritual movement in the new age, you won’t want to miss this mythic adventure.

  • Yvonne Crowe posted an update:   3 weeks, 2 days ago · View

    The sequel to The Magdalene Conspiracy has now been completed and is listed in See All of My Books. Nicolina Fabiani again sets out on a quest throughout the Middle East, in the company of David Baron, a Professor of Ancient Languages, whom she suspects is more than he appears to be, to uncover the secret of The First Madonna.

  • Yvonne Crowe posted an update:   3 weeks, 2 days ago · View

    My new novel Driven By Lust has been available for three months. It is a hard hitting novel about dysfunctional and abusive relationships. You can click on All of My Books and read the synopsis and excerpt

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  • William Stafford posted an update:   3 weeks, 5 days ago · View

    Very proud to announce the publication of my fifteenth novel, the fifth case for my detective duo, Brough & Miller.

  • Scott Kinkade posted an update:   4 weeks, 1 day ago · View

    Just posted a review of Jodi McIsaac’s fantasy novel Through the Door (The Thin Veil Book 1) on my blog:

  • D K Henderson posted an update:   1 month ago · View

    And there’s more, this one for Lost Legacy:

    ’Left me wanting for more
    ’My first read of D.K. Henderson and thoroughly enjoyed it. Well written, has mystery, legend, ritual, and the love element. Very insightful into the shamanic ways of the indigenous people – I already have Book 2 downloaded and can’t wait to get started. Thank you. Enjoyed it very much.’

  • D K Henderson posted an update:   1 month ago · View

    More great 5-star reviews on Amazon for The Skull Chronicles. This one for The Red Skull of Aldebaran:

    ’Once again D.K. Henderson delivers another gripping revelation into the skulls and their amazing powers and the lives of the people chosen to protect them and benefit from their wisdom. Can’t wait for the next one.’

    Thank you

  • Cassandra Blizzard posted an update:   1 month ago · View

    Win Science Fiction Novel Kael Jai: Outcast (Book One)

  • Scott Kinkade posted an update:   1 month ago · View

    Just posted a review of Lindsay Buroker’s Claimed (Flash Gold #4) on my blog.

  • D K Henderson posted an update:   1 month, 1 week ago · View

    Posted this morning by a fan of The Skull Chronicles: ’

    Why am I awake at 3am? Because I got my hands on a copy of Daughter of the Gods this evening, and I can’t put the darn’ thing down.’

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