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Leave behind modern cares and drift back in time to the early Victorian era. A foundling infant, Emma, grows to become a housemaid for the Countess of Holmeshire in a Northumbria stone castle home. The widowed Winnie makes Emma her companion and sends her for training in the ways of aristocratic society. Emma has feelings for the Countess' son, the young Earl of Holmeshire, but he is engaged to a London lady. Once the family goes to London for the season, Winnie insists on bringing her companion along into snobbish society. Join them for dinners and tea as Emma is made to endure unfriendly treatment in London mansions. Laugh and sigh at the twists and turns of romance, both among the gentry and the servants downstairs. Travel into a poor area of London as the earl introduces his fiance to the realities of life. Dance at the Midsummer Night's Dream ball! Mystery, sweet romance and humor mix as unexpected twists and turns beguile. A great surprise awaits in the last pages. Are you prepared?

Also available for Kindle or Nook at $5.99.
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