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A young widow questions her ability to start over again but then experiences a connection with her dead husband’s best friend that neither one seems prepared for and just when she’s begun to trust this stranger, she learns of betrayal—betrayal that has her questioning everything and everyone she believes in, including herself.

Julia Hamilton’s intent on building a life with Evan, looking forward instead of back. But then, Evan dies. A desperate Julia wonders if she can really start over again, when she encounters Jake Winston, leading to a connection neither seems prepared for. Now, Julia battles grief, guilt, and painful memories from her past that she thought she'd dealt with long ago. Her best friend Kimberley insists this thing with Jake is a new beginning, but Julia's not so sure, realizing the loss of so many still defines her. When Julia faces financial ruin, she turns to Jake for help, but discovers he has complications of his own. Then, Julia learns of a betrayal by the one person she thought she knew, betrayal that leads her to question everything and everyone, including herself.
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